Keep your waste

in one place

Looking to keep your Zero Waste Bags handy and out of sight?

Check out this creative organizing tool that comes from Joanna, one of our subscribers! It's quick and easy to make and a simple way to keep your bags organized as you fill them up.

Step 1:

Using two binder clips, clip the bag's back panel to the hanger. Leave the front panel free, so you can fill your Zero Waste Bag with one category of accepted waste.

Step 2:

Place the hanger in an easily accessible location with your other Zero Waste Bags.  Our subscribers often use a utility closet, a hanging rod in the garage, or other accessible storage spaces.

Step 3:

Fill each Zero Waste Bag with only one category of accepted waste.

Step 4:

When the Zero Waste Bag is full, remove it from the hanger and seal it.  Schedule a pick-up and TerraCycle will pick it up from your doorstep and recycle everything inside.

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