TerraCycle Pickup:
the convenience of curbside recycling and so much more

Easily recycle everything right from your doorstep!

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TerraCycle PickUp is currently in pilot phase. Our service is available in the greater Philadelphia area.

Find out more aboute our pilot or contact us to find out when TerraCycle PickUp is coming to your area!

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Recycle More

It’s easy to recycle more with TerraCycle Pickup. You can now recycle all your commonly trashed items that aren’t typically recyclable curbside, including:

  1. Coffee capsules
  2. Fabrics and clothing
  3. All plastic packaging
  4. …and so much more!
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#RecycleEverything and reward your community

The more you and your neighbors recycle with us, the more you can give back to your community! Some of the trash collected through TerraCycle Pickup will be recycled into benches and other items that will be donated back to your community's public parks.

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