Recycling Pickups

Start recycling for as little as $10 a month! We offer curbside collection of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard and mixed paper.

Simply subscribe to our recycling pickup service and we will provide you with our color-coded recycling bags for easy separation and collection at home.

Once filled, place them on the curb on your designated pickup day and we will come by to pick them up.

How does it work?

Once you sign up for the Recycling subscription service, we will send you different-colored recycling bags for you to collect your recyclable items: blue for plastic bottles and aluminum cans, clear for cardboard and paper. Over the course of two weeks, simply collect recyclable items in the appropriate-colored bags. On your designated pickup date (once every two weeks), place the bags of recyclables on the curb for us to pick up and recycle.


Recycle more than ever before. Upgrade your home recycling with our award-winning groundbreaking recycling solutions.


Simply put your recycling or composting bin curbside on your pickup day and know it’ll be handled properly and environmentally sound.


Subscriptions start at $10 a month, with no contract! Start recycling and composting based on your budget and need.

Subscribe today and #RecycleEverything with TerraCycle Pickup

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TerraCycle PickUp is currently in pilot phase. Our service is available in the greater Philadelphia area.

Find out more aboute our pilot or contact us to find out when TerraCycle PickUp is coming to your area!

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Zero Waste Boxes

Want to upgrade your recycling and make an even bigger impact? Unlock access to our award-winning Zero Waste Boxes once you subscribe to a TerraCycle Home Recycling or Compost Pickup plan.

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The zero waste movement is picking up speed as entire social media, online retailers, and bloggers dedicate themselves to activities that promise to eliminate plastic pollution, reduce food waste, and help us live more sustainable lives.

But what exactly is “zero waste,” anyway? Is it achievable for the average person?

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